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The owners of Jewel attended one of our social media workshops in Lower Hutt. They were particularly interested to find out about the social media marketing services that Synthesis provides and how we could best support their wider marketing effort.

Based in the heart of Petone, Wellington, Jewel is a boutique manufacturing jeweller, specialising in custom made, one-of a kind exquisite pieces.

As a small business owner, this client was basically time-poor and saw an opportunity to bring in external expertise that could free them up to focus on other areas of their business. They understood the potential of social media to engage with their audience and build brand awareness, and were open to exploring new avenues to do this.

Jewel needed marketing guidance and support to help improve their overall marketing. They had a particular focus on social media with the intention of growing brand awareness, increasing engagement with existing customers and attracting new customers.

Realising more structure was required around their social media efforts, we collaborated with Jewel to create a content calendar to provide direction and focus to their social media marketing.

We produced a mix of content for them to resonate with the audience and increase engagement. We began by undertaking an audit of their social media accounts, then benchmarking their efforts against competitors, to identify areas of opportunity. We also put tools in place to analyse the performance of social media activities and gather insights on how to optimise engagement with their social media posts.

Through social media advertising and interactive story campaigns, we maximise the impact of the different social media platforms. We work with the client closely to understand their business objectives and ensure that social media activities support the achievement of those objectives.

We manage Jewel’s Facebook and Instagram activities for them on a month-to-month basis, which includes paid advertising.
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