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NZALPA new logo design

Crafting a modern brand, linking the organisation to the aviation sector and New Zealand

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NZALPA new brand
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NZALPA company rebrand


The NZ Air Line Pilots Association approached our Nelson office, keen to discuss their plans for a company rebrand.

As the union and professional association that represents pilots, air traffic controllers and flight service operators from throughout the country, it was important this organisation has a brand and position that clearly demonstrates this.

The rebrand needed to consider the positioning of the Association with a range of target audiences, stakeholders, and other interested parties that regularly have contact with the brand. This group includes pilots, air traffic controllers, employers of members of the Association, flight service operators, industry groups, government agencies, the media and the public.

A Snapshot of the Old Branding

logo design for NZALPA
nzalpa rebrand new logo
old company branding
nzalpa company rebrand
nzalpa rebrand new logo
nzalpa rebrand new logo

Marketing Services Provided

Our experience has taught us that the success of any rebrand depends on getting good background and insight into the vision, aims and objectives of the organisation being rebranded.

This information is key for the rebrand and design process and ensures the client’s business is being accurately represented in the best way possible.

1. Insight Gathering/Discovery Session

We undertook a discovery session with a subcommittee formed by NZALPA. This group represented different parts of the organisation, including different geographical regions and groups (air traffic controllers, pilots, etc.)

From the discovery session we created a rebrand brief which the organisation reviewed and signed off. This document included the vision, strategy and objectives of the organisation, marketing messages, brand position, and key elements of look and feel.

2. Logo Redesign

From there, we provided the subcommittee with three different options for the logo rebrand:
  1. New designs based on the existing design
  2. Designs based on a single core element of the existing design
  3. A completely new concept, not based on any existing artwork

The subcommittee chose their three favourites and we presented these to the Board.

To gather feedback, we ran a survey/poll to find out what the subcommittee liked and didn’t like about the new logo concepts. From the feedback generated, we made minor modifications to the preferred concept.

NZALPA new logo design
NZALPA rebrand
NZALPA logo rebrand
logo design wellington

3. Rebrand implementation

From the options provided, the final logo was chosen. We also ensured a number of subgroups could easily be incorporated into this base design.

We worked with signwriters to complete new building signage and we provided the client with rebranded business cards, new stationery and new digital templates (these included PowerPoint and Word templates and email signatures).

Artwork was provided to our client in a range of formats, along with brand guidelines and a user guide which detailed the correct fonts, colour codes, placement and implementation of the new logo across any future marketing material.

NZALPA company rebrand signage
NZALPA company rebrand signage


NZALPA is an internationally affiliated professional association and trade union based in Auckland. Founded in 1945, today NZALPA represents over 2,600 New Zealand pilots, air traffic controllers and flight service operators.

Why Choose Synthesis Marketing?

When NZALPA decided on rebranding their organisation, they approached our Nelson office to pitch for this opportunity. Our marketing agency, with its head office in Wellington, won this project based on examples of our previous rebrand work, and our deeper understanding of how a successful rebrand goes hand in hand with well defined marketing objectives and strategy.

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