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Morden met us at a marketing workshop we ran in Lower Hutt on the topic of driving traffic to your website using sound SEO practices. The relationship has grown from strength to strength.

Morden are unique in their field, as construction project managers with real-life boots on the ground experience as builders and contractors. Based in Petone, Lower Hutt (Wellington), Morden work across the country on some massive projects.

On a month-to-month basis, we assist Morden with management of their Facebook and LinkedIn page activity, to reiterate the specialist services and knowledge they offer to New Zealand’s construction industry.

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Along with social media assistance, we have provided a full mix of end-to-end marketing services to Morden.

  • We carried out a full digital and website review to assess the performance of their current website and other digital platforms, comparing this to their main competitors.
  • We worked closely with the Morden team to develop a Marketing Strategy and Marketing Action Plan to map out the best way forward to build the business and create ongoing and sustained growth.
  • As part of this process, specific marketing objectives and actions were agreed and prioritised.
  • We prepared and managed a monthly Marketing and Communications Plan which focused on building profile and traffic to the Morden website, leveraging email newsletter opportunities and maximising the impact of social media (LinkedIn and Facebook).

Social media campaigns reiterate Morden’s unique market position, along with their specialist knowledge and skills in New Zealand’s construction industry.

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Services we have provided alongside social media:
  • Business development – involving fortnightly, then monthly face to face sessions with Morden, to uncover new business opportunities
  • Copywriting – we feature industry specific topics and work with Morden to get their perspective on blog themes and write case studies
  • Case studies – we schedule calls with Morden’s clients to write their case studies which are shared on Morden’s social media platforms and website
  • Website updates – we assist Morden to keep their website content up to date and add blogs and case studies regularly
  • Print support – Morden requested us to design and print a folded flyer they can share with interested parties at nationwide conferences and construction industry events, where they are regularly invited as speakers. (Early in our discussions with Morden, we identified their service offering was broad and required a focus on particular areas of specialty. We saw the opportunity to leverage key points of difference for Morden and coined the phrase, “Smart consulting with contractor experience” to emphasise their one-of-a-kind specialist service. See brochure for the result.)

Better business through smarter marketing