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Brand Development, Rebranding and Logo Design

Make an Impression & Tell Your Story

Your logo and branding are often your clients first point of contact with you. Making a good first impression is essential.

Company branding needs to change over time. As a company grows and markets evolve, their brand should evolve too.

When undertaking rebranding it is vital to have a rebranding strategy, and consider how a main brand and any sub brands fit together. Brand consistency will ensure you are protecting your company’s hard earned reputation and taking your stakeholders and consumers with you on your rebranding journey.

Rebrand for NZ Air Line Pilots’ Association

Modernise our brand, linking our new look to the aviation sector and to New Zealand.

See the rebrand

Rebrand for NZ Frefighters Welfare Society

Improve the value perception of membership and modernise us, while respecting our design roots.

See the rebrand

Company rebrand for Black Gates Optometrists

Two great locations now together under one name. Take our customers on our rebrand journey with us.

See the rebrand

Rebranding your business is an exciting time and we enjoy helping companies on this important journey.

Our design, branding and rebranding services are underpinned with a strong and solid marketing approach, to ensure your company rebrand looks the part, takes your company to the next level and brings your loyal clients with you.
BGO website rebranding
BGO company rebranding of signage
BGO rebranding

Rebranding for Gemma Lee

Position us as a lifestyle brand in New Zealand, Australia and overseas markets.

See the Rebrand

Company rebrand for Smart Office NZ

Modernise the brand and develop other, linked identities

See the Rebrand

Company rebrand for Groundworks Civil Contractors

Modernise and evolve the logo. Make it bold, simple and green

See the logo design

Logo redesign and brand development for Gemma Lee
Logo redesign and brand development for Gemma Lee
Gemma Lee logo redesign and brand development

Rebrand for Synthesis Marketing

Modernise this 20 year old brand and make it more relevant to marketing in a digital era.

Full story coming soon

Rebrand for Dyer Street School

Assist with the strategic direction of the school and help to shape its brand identity.

See the Rebrand

Company rebrand for Hygiene Detectives

Proven clean, with a tick for hygiene

Full story coming soon

company branding and web design
business card design for company rebrand
rebranded marketing material

What makes a great brand or logo?

The best brands and logos tell the story of your business. They make you stand out from your competitors, and they sell your points of difference.

When you rebrand with Synthesis Marketing, we work with you to gain deeper insights into your business and use this to write the story you want your brand and your logo to tell.

When your story is authentic it speaks to your customers and clients. A logo and brand that tells your story is the foundation that all your marketing is built on.

As your marketing and branding agency, we know what makes a brand or logo great, and how to make your brand development a success for your business.

How we work with you to develop your new brand or logo

Here at Synthesis Marketing, we look at brand development and logo design as a combination of great process with creative inspiration. Here are the steps we will work through with you …

Creating Deep Insight

Insight into your business is the starting point for all great marketing, and no different for developing a brand and logo. We work with you to create these insights so we know exactly what your new brand and logo needs to say.

This part of the process often includes hosting a discovery session with you. It’s also highly beneficial to hear from a wider group of your stakeholders, such as your existing and potential customers or members.

Performing a Brand Audit

This part of the process involves considering all the places and ways your brand is currently used in your business.  Knowing how and where a logo is going to be used helps inform the logo design and brand development process and makes sure that any concepts we present are going to work well for your business.

Looking Back to Look Forward

For businesses rebranding, or changing their logo, it is helpful to pull apart the old brand to work out exactly what worked and what didn’t. This provides a great starting point for the new brand and/or logo design and is a key part of the process that informs the creative direction of work.

Checking on the Competition

Keeping an eye on your competition is always part of good marketing. Any new brand or logo needs to make you stand out from others in your market. Analysing and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the brands and logos of your competitors is a crucial part of the foundation that we build your new brand and logo on.

From brand refresh to designing a completely new logo and look

If your current brand or logo isn’t quite doing what you need it to, we are happy to work with you to consider whether a freshen up is needed, or a new start will achieve the results you are after.

Are we a good fit for your business?

Our marketing team includes logo designers, branding professionals, marketing and SEO specialists plus copywriters, with years of experience. We look forward to helping you with your new brand, or freshening up your business with a rebrand.

Better business through smarter marketing