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Creating Digital Connections

Digital marketing is a key marketing tool for every business.

Even if you have a physical location and use traditional marketing and business growth channels, your customers will still look to connect with you online.

What stage are you at with developing your digital marketing? Don’t worry. You’re in good hands with Synthesis Marketing. We have the people and the experience to help you with all the digital marketing elements that are the right fit for you and your business.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we can develop your digital marketing strategy and ensure your online activity aligns with your business plan and strategic business growth needs. Take a look at the services we offer.

website designers

Website Design and Development

A properly designed and built website works well for everyone and hits your commercial and business goals.

Good websites work better for customers and make it easy to navigate and find information or products. Websites that work well for people also rank better on Google. Synthesis Marketing has a long history of designing and building high performing websites on multiple platforms. More on web design.

SEO agency wellington

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your website doesn’t get search results on the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist for most potential customers.

Search engine optimisation involves building a targeted keyword list that is used all the way through your website from high-level structure and URL’s down to the content itself and even the names of images you use.  It’s not a one-off process either, you want to keep fine-tuning your website content to rank for more and more search terms over time. More on SEO.

social media agency

Social Media Management

Social media is an essential part of the modern digital marketing toolbox. It’s a must have for most businesses.

The trick is knowing which platform to use to best reach different segments of your market, and what to post to connect with the desired audience and grow your followers. Here at Synthesis, we can help you develop a social media strategy and get your content right for each social media platform and if required we can do it all for you on a week-to-week basis. More on social media management.

Google Ads agency

Google Ads & SEM

The world of advertising has changed. Advertising via search engines, such as Google Ads, provides a cost-effective and highly targeted approach to reaching potential customers.

Google Ads allow you to track results and adjust spend and focus on the fly. Whether you want to dip your toes in and give it a try, or run a coordinated nationwide campaign, we have got the skills and experience to help you out. More on Google Ads & SEM.

email direct marketing agency

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

Electronic Direct Mail marketing, or newsletters, are still a great way to communicate regularly with customers, and often reaches customers that aren’t active on social media or other channels.

Synthesis Marketing can work with you from developing an online communication strategy and content calendar, through to maintaining and updating you customer database, electronic direct mail design and newsletter templates, and even writing and sending out all your email direct marketing, as needed. More on Email Direct Marketing.

content writers

Content Creation & Copywriting

Writing for digital marketing purposes  requires a specific focus that is different to traditional media.

People and search engine crawlers visit your website to gain information and find out more about your business and products or services, and your site content needs to work for both. Good content is also specifically tailored to any other places you want to use it online such as Facebook, Linkedin, flyers, promotions, your Google Business listing etc. More on Content Creation & Copywriting.

videography and photography

Photography and Videography

Content is king when it comes to digital marketing and the use of photos and videos are critical.

High-quality photographs can make your website stand out and having good quality, engaging videos on social media or your website can really help your rankings. We work with partners who specialise in photography and videography for digital marketing, and use our experience to help you get content that will work for you.

As well as these marketing services, we also offer a range of additional help and assistance, including marketing workshops for you and your team.

Better business through smarter marketing