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Traditional Marketing

We think of traditional marketing as everything businesses did before the widespread use of the internet for digital marketing. Yes, there was life, and marketing, before smartphones!

While there are highly effective marketing approaches that don’t rely on digital channels, the reality is that a big overlap exists between traditional and digital marketing. The key thing is getting your marketing mix right.

Synthesis Marketing can help you understand the impact that traditional marketing can have, activate the approaches that will work for your business and use them in your marketing mix to amplify any digital marketing or business development activity you have planned.

logo development

Brand Development & Logo Design

Every business goes through some form of brand development or brand refresh or full rebranding. While branding is most commonly thought of as logo design and development, we take it back to what you are wanting to achieve and how the look, feel and voice of your company or product can deliver that.

collateral design Wellington Hutt

Graphic Design

We all know good graphic design when we see it. It gets the message across, has impact and, most importantly, creates the call to action that you were looking for. The Synthesis Marketing graphic design team works on logos creation, promotional material, adverts, documents, presentations, signage and anything else that needs to stand out.

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Market Research

A major component of making sure that marketing spend is effective comes from having great insights. We use market research to dig deep and understand your business, your sector, the needs and thought patterns of your customers and clients, and how you stack up against your competitors.

Marketing Collateral

Having that brochure, sales catalogue or capability statement that you can use as a guide in meetings, or email through as a follow up, is a marketing approach that still adds huge value. The right collateral can help your products and services stand out from those of your competitors.

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Public Relations

Media cycles are getting shorter and news items are often topical for less time, with COVID being the exception! Interestingly, good PR, especially when it combines traditional and digital marketing, provides long-lasting benefits. We help build profile through articles in mainstream and audience specific publications and through service and product reviews.

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Some may say that Spotify killed the video star… the reality is that for the right products and services, traditional advertising is effective in reaching a target audience. There are different formats that need to be considered, such as TV, radio, print, direct mail and other large format options.

As well as these marketing services, we also offer a range of additional help and assistance, including marketing workshops for you and your team.

Better business through smarter marketing