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Here at Synthesis Marketing, our focus is on building better New Zealand businesses through smarter marketing. Working out how to connect you most effectively with your current and future customers, and seeing your business grow, is what drives us. And it’s the impact that our marketing insights approach has on delivering targeted and creative marketing and sales activity that brings success to our clients.

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Our Marketing Insights Approach

Experience has shown us that deeper insights create better decisions and more powerful marketing. Let’s face it, marketing without insights and information is guesswork. The Synthesis Marketing approach is to dig deep to understand your business, your sector, the needs and thought patterns of your customers and clients, and how you stack up against your competitors.

Fixed Price Marketing Communications Packages

We'll tie all of your marketing activities to your strategy, and do it all for you.

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Marketing Strategy and Promotions

We know your business is unique, so we’ll never take a cookie cutter approach to developing your marketing strategies and promotions.

What we will do, is work closely with you to deliver marketing solutions tailored specifically to your business and the environment in which you operate. We love getting our hands dirty at the tactical level developing websites, writing promotional letters, press releases and sales scripts, or developing database solutions. We work with you at a strategic level to drive your business growth.

With a wide range of industry and disciplinary knowledge, our outsourced marketing team provides you with the expertise and knowledge to help grow your New Zealand business.

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Marketing Coaching

When it comes to getting the best result for your marketing dollar, you can’t go past combining our marketing expertise with your business and industry specific know-how.

Our Marketing Coaching Programmes develop your capabilities as a manager by giving you the tools you need to make the right choices to grow your business.

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