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Words are a powerful tool and can make or break your marketing. Choose the right marketing words and your customers will buy your products and services, but choose the wrong words and you’ll spend most of your time convincing your customers to do business with you.

Carefully selected words are essential to engage with your customers, attract their attention and entice them to take action, but knowing what words to use is not as easy as you think. Use the following 10 ways to choose the right Marketing Words that sell and you’ll be writing great material in no-time.

1. Focus on the customer, not you

Think about what is important to your customer, and what they want to know. What is the need they are trying to fill?

2. Know the difference between features, benefits and specifications

  • Features: Description of what qualities the product has
  • Benefits: how the customer will benefit from the product. “what’s in it for me”
  • Specifications: any technical points about the product

3. Words that tell customers where or when they use your product.

You can strengthen your benefit words by telling the customer who the product is for and where and when they would use it, e.g. ideal for students living in a flat.

4. Push those emotions

People LOVE to buy, and one of the strongest motivators for buying is emotion. People buy on emotion and then justify with facts.

5. Your customers must believe what you are saying

It is essential that what you are saying is credible and does not present false information. Keep your voice honest, genuine and true. Don’t overhype or over promise.

6. The power of numbers

Don’t overlook numbers, including facts and figures adds credibility.

7. Use words your customers use

Avoid jargon and technical words (your customers need to understand what you are saying!)

8. Marketing to different cultures

Be aware that some words can be offensive when translated.

9. Knowing which words work online

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) key words to reach the right target market online. Take a look as to how we can help you with your SEO ranking.

10. Keep it personal and real

Write words that sound like they are coming directly from a person. Using words that are genuine and sound as though you are speaking to them can make a huge difference.

A few more helpful tips

Remember the obvious words

Add your Facebook URL, website URL, phone number, email address, physical address and any other means of contacting you.

Take time to proof

Check your spelling and grammar. You need to ensure that all your sentences make sense. Always get someone else to proof your words!

Having good material for your customers to read will get your target market engaged. Remember that without any customers you won’t have any business, so focus on how you are going to effectively communicate to them. Want to learn more? We can tailor a unique marketing package that will meet your business goals. Get in touch with us today.