Making a Marketing Plan with the Marketing Association


Over the last 10 years, Synthesis Marketing has enjoyed a close working relationship with the Marketing Association. They have a membership base of over 6,600 businesses and connects with over 10,000 people every week! As New Zealand’s only professional body dedicated to marketing, they drive success for business by providing resources, support and qualifications for marketers and business people.

Striding Down the Boulevard Hand in Hand

In 2009, Synthesis Marketing launched its online resource centre called My Marketing Expert. This comprised 42 extensive marketing handbooks to help New Zealand’s small business owners perform their own marketing. We use these every day in our coaching sessions. Over the years various organisations, tertiary institutions and industry bodies have purchased many of these handbooks to underpin their own training programmes. In 2015, the Marketing Association selected 3 titles:

  1. Make Your Business Stand Out from the Crowd
  2. See the World through Your Customers Eyes
  3. Your Complete Guide to Marketing Planning

Using these books as a foundation, The Marketing Association contracted Synthesis to work with them to develop and launch their brand-new marketing training programme called STRIDE. Developed specifically for SME’s this 10-week programme was launched in Auckland on the 18th March, 2015 in conjunction with the North Harbour Business Association.

Working on the Fundamentals


As our relationship continued, Synthesis has also helped create The Fundamentals of Marketing programme in 2015. This programme is accredited under the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK). In 2017, this programme debuted in Wellington as a 2-day training workshop delivered by Helen.

Covering the Essentials of Marketing

This comprehensive 2-day programme covers the fundamentals of marketing and everything you need to create a marketing plan.

Marketing plans are designed to put you on the right track to identifying your perfect customers, understanding their behaviour and developing a service to give you a competitive advantage.

The Fundamentals of marketing plan covers:

  • Market analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Digital marketing
  • Marketing campaigns

Developed for professionals with little or no marketing experience, the content is clear, easy to follow and uses real life examples. Within the two days participants get to apply the principles of marketing to their business and complete the course with their own company’s marketing plan well underway.

What makes this course so unique, is that Helen includes everyone in the discussion and involves them in the process of a marketing plan.


 “Helen used real world examples which made it easy to understand the thinking and how to implement what I have learnt in my world”


Dates have now been set for a repeat of this course in July 2018. Helen looks forward to teaching up and coming marketers alongside the Marketing Association. Contact our Marketing Specialist to register now.