Going Global with Groundline Engineering

Established in 2004 Groundline Engineering has been working with Synthesis since their humble beginnings. Now an international company, Groundline Engineering provide transmission and distribution engineering and line services. Their services cover New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Owned by Ian Flatley and Richi Cleland, Groundline Engineering have experienced significant growth and success. Their inventions, Thor and QandA have revolutionised the industry.

In 2015 Synthesis assisted their launch into the UK marke from our New Zealand offices. Using Skype for planning sessions and Google maps to assess venues is a testament to how easy it is to work on an international level.

Throughout our years with Groundline Engineering we’ve provided:

A real treat for this UK launch was when we secured the New Zealand High Commissioner to Britain and Ireland. Daniel Taylor officially opened the day and presented a mere to symbolize the strong relationship between NZ and the UK. For more information around this event you can check out their website.

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