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How to use Social Media to Drive Traffic to your Website


Enticing people to your website creates traffic, this prevents your website getting lost in the gigantic web that today’s technology has created. Every website needs traffic. After all if no one is looking at your content what’s the point of even keeping it fresh?

Most people will research a company and individuals before they even make contact with you. Your potential customers are looking on your website for contact information, case studies and to learn about your services. They are making up their mind about you well before you even hear from them. Your website is a great place to educate your customers and move them along your sales funnel.

Using Social Media to Drive Traffic to your Website

Social media is the perfect tool to drive traffic to your website. By promoting your website content on social media, you encourage your customers to click through and read your latest content.

The Nitty Gritty

To do this, when you are creating a post write some text introducing your website content. Then place the URL link of your website at the bottom of that post. Facebook should automatically give you a preview of the page you are linking to. If not (or it looks dreadful), cancel out of the preview and add your own image. Then add the URL link to the bottom of your text. Potential customers will then click on your link to see the full page.

You can promote all content posted on your website to your social media channels such as a new employees, changes to your website, a new product or an upcoming promotion while also providing a link for people to then click for the full story on your website. Use your social media as a “channel” to promote your new web content. Remember to adjust each post to suit each social media channel that you are using.

Don’t know what to post on Facebook?

Have a look at 7 Awesome Facebook Post Ideas for Small Businesses.

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