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7 Awesome Facebook Post Ideas for Small Businesses


The big question around social media for 2017 is ‘what should I post?’ We’ve been asked this very question a lot, so here are 7 Facebook post ideas for small businesses to get you started.

1. Preview your staff

Introduce each of your staff in a separate post. Let your customers know what their role is, how long they’ve worked there and how to contact them. To spice it up a bit, use humour and tell your audience about their hobbies. As a bonus, this is a great opportunity to drive traffic to your website if you have a team page.

2. Local news stories

This is especially good if you’re wanting to engage with your local community. To find great stories, set up a Google Alert for your area and you’ll get news stories in your inbox once a week.

3. Community events

Post photos and information about any events your and your staff go to representing your business. These could be Chamber of Commerce Events, award functions, or industry expos. This is also a great place to tag other businesses that are in your photos!

4. Comment on current events


As of writing, the Americas Cup has been avidly watched by New Zealanders up and down the country. We posted a video about Oracle’s innovative technology and linked this to kiwi ingenuity. It’s a great way for you to connect with your customers and add some variety to your content.

4. Helpful tips

You could offer advice for how to use your products or services but also think broader. For example, lets say you sell stationary. You could post, “Achieve greater productivity today, by only focusing on one task at a time.” Back that statement up with some current statistics and boom! You’ve just given your customers some great food for thought.

5. Link to a case study

If you have case studies on your website, they are great for delivering useful info in a way that’s often more palatable and actionable than a standard blog post. Don’t have any case studies? We’ll write them for you! Call us on 04528 6214 – case studies are a great way to show off the awesome work you do from your customer’s perspective.

6. Offer a giveaway

This can be as simple as asking your fans or followers to comment to enter. For example, one company in Petone, Wellington asked their customers to guess how many jellybeans were in a jar. This prompted people to tag their friends in the comments and extend the post’s reach even further.

But what if you don’t have the time to post on Facebook? We’ve got you covered, simply email or call us today on 04 528 6214.

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