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June 29, 2017
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Why You Need to Integrate Digital Communications into Your Marketing, Yesterday.


You need to be where your customers are – and they’re online. According to AUT, in 2016, 91% of New Zealanders were active internet users. 70% spent 2 hours or more per day online, with 58% spending 3 hours or more. While 95% of all users browse the web and 85% visit social networks.

In other words, everyone is online, no matter their age, occupation or socioeconomic background. So, let’s take a fresh look at your communications.

Where Are You At?

First and foremost, you need a website you can be proud of – this is often the first place your potential customers are looking for you. Make your website the hub of your communications and keep your content fresh. Plus content on your website is there forever, not lost in a newsfeed. Push this content out to the world through your other channels such as emails and social media.

Bring New Customers to Your Door

Telling your customers about the new web content drives more traffic. Combined with the right words, this improves your Google rankings, making it easier for new customers to find you!

Not an Expert in Digital Communications?

As an outsourced marketing team, we’ve been working with a myriad of local and national companies since 2001. Our experts have a passion for growing local, small and medium sized businesses.

Synthesis Marketing helps you get to where your customers are. Our Marketing Communications Packages begin at just $695 (+GST) a month, email us or call us on 04 528 6214 for yours.

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